September 9, 2011

November Conference Sign Ups

Please be sure to take some time to sign up for November conferences. It will be here before you know it. All you have to do is go to our team webpage on the SCS website. On the left hand column you will see "Hazen November Conference Sign Up". Just click on that and it will take you to my page. Follow the directions and be sure to write your time into your own scheduling book.

Totally Terrific Child

In the coming weeks, your child will be honored for a day as our "Totally Terrific Child". This activity gets each child sharing about themselves and the class learning more about our community of learners. They get to use their homework timelines and photos to guide our conversations about them. Each child will take home a book that the class works on together that incorporates handwriting, phonics, phonemic awareness, and comprehension skills.

First Hands On Nature

Today the class enjoyed their first Hands On Nature lesson from three classroom volunteers. The topic was Metamorphosis. They enjoyed a puppet show that gave basic information about the four stages that insects go through: egg, larva, pupa,and adult. They became scientists and used their observation skills to look for insects in small groups. Then they did a metamorphosis relay race. Ask your child what stage they ate crackers in.

September 8, 2011

First Classroom Reward

Well, they did it on the sixth day of school. They worked together and filled our classroom marble jar. So, for a fun reward, we will be going outside for snack time tomorrow. Yippy!

Thank You Again!

Thanks again for taking time out of your family lives to come to our Curriculum Night. We were very impressed with the turn out. If you did not have the opportunity to come, I will place a copy of the one handout that was given in your child's mailbox. We will be posting our PowerPoint Presentation on our team Blog by next week.

Hopes and Dreams

Please come to see our classroom display of the children's "Hopes and Dreams" in the hallway above the cubby area. This is the beginning step to establishing our classroom rules. By tomorrow afternoon, my hope is to have our rules set which we will talk about and agree to altogether.

September 6, 2011

Curriculum Night Reminder

This is just a reminder that curriculum night is tomorrow 9/7 from 6-7 PM in our Journey team space. This night is designed for parents to learn more about their child's day. Hope to see you there.