March 21, 2012

Plastic bottles

We still need one small, empty plastic water bottle for every child in our class for an experiment on 4/6. If you have any, please consider donating. Thanks.

March 20, 2012

Request from Front Office

Please remember to go to the office to sign your child out of the building whenever s/he is leaving early. The office will then call the classroom and we will have the child get ready to be picked up.

Also, if your child is arriving after 8:10, please be sure to go to the office for a blue slip first. The child will then give this slip to the teacher.

Thanks for your help.

Happy Spring: Classroom Update

Here is a breakdown of what the kids are studying in each subject area:

Reader's Workshop/Guided Reading Groups: Reading Comprehension strategy of Questioning, Poetry

Writer's Workshop: Poetry-We are getting ready for a Kindergarten writing celebration with the Treehouse team on Monday. By then, the kids will have written about 5 poems each. On Friday, they will bind their own poetry to make their own poetry anthology books to share at the celebration on Monday:)

Math: Measurement, 5 new math workplaces will be introduced by Monday of next week.

Science: Being a scientist unit- They are learning how to record their observations in a science journal. They will be applying these observational skills to an activity where they will write poems about jelly beans and popcorn using their five senses. Of course they will get to eat them as well! I am looking to borrow some microscopes for our new dramatic play area which the kids want to turn into a science lab. The offer still is out there for any parents to come in to teach the kids something they may know about science. They love to hear other voices!!!!

Personal/Social Development: We have been getting outside again in the AM for an extra recess. The kids love this ten minute break and it comes right between writer's and reader's workshop so it revitalizes them for some more deep thought and successful work time.

This time of year is so much fun. They can do so much and are all continuing to love school.

Thanks for taking the time out of your busy schedules to meet with me for conferences! FYI-If you have scheduled a time to meet with me these past two weeks, you do not need to schedule another conference for April 20.