November 2, 2012

New Classroom Restaurant

Welcome the to Journey Team Restaurant! May we take your order?
The children have been having fun incorporating reading and writing skills into this Choice Time Center. It's very popular as you can imagine!

What's New?

A new month means new topics and learning tools within our classroom. Please be sure to ask your child about our new writing center. The children have been invited during Writing Workshop to become authors and to begin writing their own books. You will probably see and hear some book making happening at home. I showed them how to create some very small books using one sheet of paper, scissors, and a stapler (limit of two staples per book:)! We read the story Library Mouse by Daniel Kirk which is about a mouse that secretly writes books and hides them in the library stacks for children to find. This book inspired the children to write little books of their own. We have created a display shelf for them to place their books. Very cute! Next week we will be working on choosing topics to write about and stretching words out to write the sounds they hear.

November 1, 2012

Class Photos

This is just a reminder that class photos will take place on Wednesday, November 7th. Our team's photo time is 8:30. This is also picture retake day if you wish for your child to have pictures retaken. Please email me if you are wishing for your child to do this so that I can make plans. Thank you!

Volunteers Needed on Thursday, Nov. 8th

Next Thursday and Friday the Vermont Symphany Orchestra will be at SCS for a K-2 presentation of the instruments. It is called the VSO Petting Zoo. Our team needs 8 "handlers" from 10:30-11:30 on Thursday. Please email me at if you are interested in coming in to help for that hour. I think "help" means being at one station to help the kids handle the instruments. I would like to get 4 volunteers from our classroom. Please let me know asap.

October 29, 2012

Journey Team Important Notice for October 31st

Journey Team Special Notice For October 31st • The Journey Team will be having a Pajama Day on Wednesday. Please remember to be sure that the children are dressed for the cooler weather. (Mrs. Kendrick’s class has P.E. on this day so it may be beneficial not to send them in footed pajamas as they will get very hot running around the gym.) • We will also be walking to the Pierson Library on Wednesday (weather permitting). We plan to leave at 12:45pm to go to enjoy a story or two with the Kate Bosley, the Children’s Librarian, at the Pierson Library. We plan to return by 2:15pm. • Please note that the children should not bring costumes to school to wear on Wednesday.