December 8, 2011

Charles' News: Welcome Baby Elias

The Journey team would like to announce that Charles has became a proud Daddy once again late last night. Little Elias is happy and healthy. How exciting!

December 7, 2011

Last Week's Out of This World Words

I forgot to post these for last week's story bit retellings. The vocabulary words for Stelluluna were: empathy, gasped, sultry.

Next week there will be three more that I will not forget to post;)

Classroom Update

Here is the breakdown of what we are doing right now in all academic areas:

Reading Workshop: Partner Reading, Building stamina for independent reading, Learning How to Choose Just Right Books, Assessments to prepare for upcoming Guided Reading Groups

Writing Workshop: Personal Narratives, sentence structure

Phonics: These are the last few weeks of lowercase letter review: v,w this week. The kids are also learning how to write more letters that they hear in larger words.

Math: Growing patterns, counting and comparing sets, adding and subtracting, money (the penny)

Theme: Family Traditions and Other Cultures (Next week we will have a visiting teacher from China come to our team on Thursday and Friday:))

Craft Fair Thank You

Thank you so much for the many people who helped make our table at the craft fair a huge success. By purchasing items and volunteering, it showed the kids what a caring community is about. We are trying to decide the best way to use this money for the kids. Thank you so much again!