October 9, 2012

It's Workshop Time

This week the children have begun Reading and Writing Workshops. In each, there is a 10 minute mini-lesson that targets a whole group skill. Then the children independently read from their book boxes books that are "Just Right" books. They have many books that they have made and are now choosing books from within our classroom library. While they are book box reading, I am pulling small groups of children to work on target skills that each child is needing. These groups were formed based on data that I collected during the month of September from assessments. Some groups are working on alphabet letter and sound recognition, some on phonological/phonics skills, and others are beginning guided reading groups. I love this time of year! They are all blossoming so much!

Beaver Fever!

Today the children learned about the beavers and muskrats in Hands On Nature. They watched an interesting puppet show, worked in small groups to eat like beavers, and observed some beaver/muskrat pelts and skeleton skulls. Very cool! Be sure to ask your busy beaver about what s/he learned.