October 5, 2012

More Letters...

Creative Alphabet

Today the children enjoyed reading the story called Albert's Alphabet by Leslie Tryon. In this book, a principal wants the school carpenter to build an alphabet for the walking path on the school playground. Albert finds that he does not have enough materials and he very creatively used materials from within his workshop and outside to make the alphabet. After the story reading, the children had the opportunity to creatively make a couple of alphabet letters on their own using our large letter key cards. Here are a few of the letters that I photographed. The kids loved this activity! It sparked wonderful creative and cooperative skills.

October 4, 2012

Just FYI

Class Picture day will be November 7th. They will be doing picture retakes that day as well.

October 3, 2012

More Totally Terrific Child Photos

Key skill Practiced: Sentence Structure
Key Skill Practiced: Letter Formation
Key Skill Practiced: Sentence Structure
Key Skill Practiced: Letter formation

October 2, 2012

Totally Terrific Class

We are now finished honoring each of our classroom friends as a "Totally Terrific Child". This activity was a great way to get to know each child as a unique and interesting individual. It was also a great opportunity to beginning work in key phonological awareness and phonics skills. We worked on letter and sound recognition, letter formation, syllables, rhyming recognition and production, sight words, sentence structure, and beginning Writing Workshop routines. All of this was accomplished and some very important Kindergarten skills have been front loaded so that the children have been given a sneak peak at some of the skills we will be diving into more deeply in the coming months. The month of September was also spent gathering baseline assessment information on each child in literacy and math. Next week we will begin formal Reading and Writing Workshops. The children will also begin small group work in all academic areas which will ensure that all learning needs are met at the level where the children are at. You will also hear this called Differentiated Instruction. We are also beginning a new unit called "Me and My Community" next week in Social Studies. I have subscribed to a Scholastic newspaper for Kindergarten aged children called "Let's Find Out". When these come home, please reread it with your child. Try to have them read it to you using their "tracking fingers". (They can teach you about this!)

Imagination Playground

Our school is so lucky to once again be able to host the Imagination Playground. On Monday, the children got a chance to go for the first time. After a short discussion on expectations and the power of team work, our class build this structure using these cool building materials. VERY COOL!