February 3, 2012

News About the Kindergarten Concert

I am excited to announce we will be streaming, LIVE, our kindergarten program! A first at SCS!! Those not able to attend will be able to view the concert over the Internet! I am sending a note home today with the details. Check it out!

February 1, 2012

Healthy Choices Restaurant

Our classroom restaurant in now open. Thanks for the many donations. As of now, I think we are all set with items. If you have anything out of the ordinary that you think we may not have and the kids would enjoy, please consider donating it to our dramatic play area.

Calling All TP Rolls

We will be doing a craft in a few weeks that involves empty toilet paper rolls. Please send any that you may have in. Thanks.

January 31, 2012

Busy February

Please be sure to look at the list of upcoming dates to remember. I will outline a few in this post.

2/8 Kindergarten Concert at 9:00 AM in the gymnasium

2/8 100th day of school-We will be celebrating by having a day filled with fun math activities. We will also be making a special trail mix snack on that day together. Each child will be asked to bring in a small bag with 100 small food items to add to our special mix. More information will go home with the kids on Friday about this snack.

2/13-2/17 Book Fair week- We will have a preview time on 2/13. There are night hours that you can bring your child to. I actually prefer this over having you send money in. We will have a time as a class to send any children to the Book Fair that have money. That is TBA.

2/14 Valentine's Day Party- Please let me know via email ( if you might be able to send in one of the following items as I want to plan a special AM snack: muffins, juice boxes, napkins, fruit salad.

As you can see, February is a very busy month. We also have Ground Hog's Day and Presidents' Day to celebrate. For these many reasons, Rue and I have chosen to hold off on beginning our next science unit called "Being a Scientist". That will begin in March. Instead, we have begun a unit on Friendship. The kids have been listening to many books about friendship and have been role playing different scenarios about how to be a good friend. Be sure to ask your child about our new "Friendship is..." candy heart inspired bulletin board. I'll try to post a picture of it tomorrow.