October 22, 2012

Confence Sign Up

This is just a reminder to be sure to go to our team webpage to sign up on my classroom wiki for a conference. The day is November 12th and it is approaching rapidly. If those times do not work, please email me and we can figure out another day/time.

Plans for October 31st

Halloween is almost here and I thought I'd jot a quick note about what our team does for this day. We plan to invite the children to have a pajama day. Please do not send costumes to school for this day. Our classroom will be having a special healthy morning snack together that is being coordinated by our room parent. I have asked that she contact only a few parents to help supply food and other items. Please do not send in candy for this special snack. We have all of the fun and food covered!:) I am also trying to coordinate a special walking field trip to the Pierson Library for a story or two in the afternoon but am playing phone tag with the librarian trying to make this happen as part of our Me and My Community unit.

What's happening this week?

Here is a quick breakdown of the academic topics that the students are studying this week. Reading: Being a Reading Problem Solver, We study books to grow ideas, and How to Read for Deeper Understanding. Writing: We are writing problem solvers, When you think you are done you have just begun, beginning book making. Math: Numeral formation, patterning. Social Studies Theme work: Me and My Community-What does a community do for its members? How can a community meet its members basic needs?