September 7, 2012

Totally Terrific Zoe

Zoe was our totally terrific child for today. We learned that she has a dog, four people in her family, and she loves to visit Shelburne Farms. Zoe said that she has lots of aunts, uncles, and cousins that love her. Thanks for sharing Zoe!

Extra Practice

Today I sent home an alphabet song that the kids have been singing and learning to read. Please have them sing it to you, using 1-1 match on the letters as they go. It is very cute! Please keep it in a good place at home for s/he to refer to often. I also sent home a number rhyme sheet that you can use with your child to practice number writing.

September 6, 2012

Totally Terrific Hayden

Hayden was our honored student for today. The children noticed that he has 6 letters in his name. I introduced white boards and markers to them and children got a short handwriting lesson for the letters in his name. We learned that Hayden enjoys visiting Story Land and he loves Legos. His favorite color is orange and he has made "so many new friends" this year. Thanks for sharing today Hayden!

September 5, 2012

After creating hopes and dreams clouds for their kindergarten year, the children worked together to come up with our classroom expectations. After a long list of rules such as no hitting, punching, spitting, and stomping on feet, we all decided that we wanted a positive spin to expectations that would hang proudly in our classroom. So, after some thoughtful discussion, the children all promised with to be their best selves all throughout the day. This is our classroom rule/expectation.

Various Photos from the First 5 Days of Kindergarten

This is our Art teacher Mrs. Caraher. She came to our classroom last Friday to talk about what it means to do art. They read a fun story together and then she showed them different ways to use one crayon.
These girls are buddy reading while waiting for snack time to end.
These two children are painting their hopes and dreams clouds after participating in a guided discovery of our classroom watercolors.
Madisen shares her finished dream cloud.
This was the students first time meeting Mr. Lewis, our P.E. teacher. They are very excited to go visit him in the big gym tomorrow. Don't forget to have them wear their sneakers.

Totally Terrific Child

Today James was our first Totally Terrific Child. We learned that his favorite color is gold, that he loves to do gymnastics and artwork. James played baseball last year and loves to play with his older sisters. The class made their first book for James after studying the letters of his name. For the next 16 days of school, one child per day will be honored as our Totally Terrific Child.

September 4, 2012

Wonderful Start to the Week

The children had a great day back from the long weekend! I was surprised at how much they remembered about our daily routines from last week. I love to watch all of the new friendships blossom! These first six weeks of school are spent getting to know each other, learning classroom routines and expectations, and participation in guided discoveries of classroom materials. Guided Discoveries help students to understand how to use and care for classroom materials so that the materials can be readily accessible for academic activities later. We have begun to weave our initial Social Studies Unit called "The Story of Me" into these beginning weeks. In this unit, the children will learn about how people have unique qualities that make each and every one of us special. I have begun initial assessments in literacy and math. This will help me begin to gather information on each child so that I can begin to group children for small group activities in math and literacy. Activities for small group work may include students being grouped by ability and at other times by topic interest. I always try to integrate our theme topic throughout the curriculum as I am planning for instruction (currently "The Story of Me"). Please be sure to ask your child about the following: The Marble Reward Jar, Chee Chee Cha, Razzama Tazzama, Hopes and Dreams Clouds, Calendar Math shape patterns, our new classroom Elmo and projector, Choice Time Centers, and our classroom expectation that the children worked together to create which they identified as "Be your best self"! I will post photos from the first 5 days of school tomorrow. Have a relaxing evening.