September 18, 2012

Marble Jar Reward

They did it again! Our awesome class filled our classroom reward marble jar. To celebrate, they all enjoyed popsicles.

Curriculum Night Reminder

SCS Kindergarten Curriculum Night will be this Thursday, September 20th from 6- approximately 7 PM. Please come to the cafeteria a little before 6 PM to pick up a packet with your child's name. This has some great information to look at before we start the presentation. We have lots of great information to share with you about your Kindergartener's year! This is an adult meeting time. Please find alternative childcare for children if you can. Hope to see you there!

Math Work Places

In the beginning of the kindergarten year, much of our time in math is spent discussing 2-D shapes and patterning. Every day the children participate in 10-15 minutes of Calendar Math. So far, the children have learned about the 12 months of the year, the days of the week, and numeral formation 0-10. After short daily mini-lessons on different shape concepts, the children have been introduced to five work places which they work at as I pull small groups of students to work on additional skills. The following are pictures from the current work places. These math work places switch out frequently and are a lot of fun. The work places not shown below are pattern blocks and unifix cubes.
Playdough Numbers
Geoboard Shapes
Polydrons: Hayden used 2-D triangles to create a 3-D pyramid