August 29, 2012

A Couple of First Day Photos

Here are two photos from today that I thought were cute. One photo is of the kids working with Mrs. Burritt, the Music teacher. The other is of a table group of kids who are waiting for the school day to begin by enjoying a tub of alphabet, nursery rhyme, number, and song books.

Great First Day of Kindergarten

We had a very fun first day together. Along with many new stories and songs, the children began to practice classroom and school routines. We did many community building activities. One favorite activity was Tunnel Tag outside. Mrs. Burritt, the music teacher, came to the classroom for music class today. The kids were all so excited to play in the classroom at Choice Time in the four centers we opened today: blocks, doll house, drawing, and the game closet. I cannot wait to introduce more of our room to the tomorrow using a technique called Guided Discovery. Be sure to ask your child about the following: The Freeze Game, Months of the Year Line Dance, Chrysanthemum by Kevin Henkes, The Birthday Graph, Self Portraits using multicultural skin color crayons, lunch time, recess, and quiet time.

August 27, 2012

PTO Representative Needed

Are you looking for a fun and interesting way to help out your kindergarten child outside of the school day? If so, please consider being our classroom representative for the SCS PTO (Parent-Teacher Organization). This entails attending monthly meetings and emailing me a brief summary of the meeting to post to our classroom blog. Last year a summary of meeting notes were provided to members to pass along via email to teachers so that was really simple and handy. I believe that childcare and dinner are provided. There are a lot of fun, energetic members of this dynamic group at SCS who help make a difference in every classroom in many ways. In the past, the PTO has supported our classrooms by fundraising to help supplement classroom supplies and materials, awarding grants to classrooms to buy technology and tools, and organizing school wide assemblies and special events. They run the Holiday craft fair in December and the annual Jog-A-Thon in the spring. So, come join to fun and become part of a great group of people. Please email me if you are interested.

Dates to Remember

I thought that I would pass along some important dates that I just heard about. School Picture Day-October 3 Fire Prevention Day-September 19

Building Community

It was nice to see so many children and families at Open House tonight. Thank you so very much for taking time out of your busy schedules to come in. This time of year is spent building the classroom community into a positive, friendly atmosphere for the children. This process begins even before school starts. So, thank you for helping make the beginning of our year together start on such a positive note.