May 2, 2013

Frog Jumpin' Good Time

In math today, the kids turned into frogs. They made predictions about far they could jump. We were also working on making close estimations and the idea that sometimes mathematicians change their minds about their thinking as they are collecting data.

Recent Activities

Learning about time, pedometers, and our May math calendar pattern pieces.

What's Happening in May

Your little thinkers are so busy this time of year putting together all of the learning and skills they have been taught! We have begun a new Narrative Reading and Writing unit. I have used the Rosemary Wells Max and Ruby books to explore the concept that fiction books are also called narratives and they have characters, settings, problems, and solutions. We will move to another character/author theme next week to continue to explore these narrative concepts. In science, the children are continuing to be scientists. In the coming weeks, they will be exploring with an inquiry task where they have to problem solve using balls and ramps. They will also be learning lots our Earth and Sky. The concepts will include the sun as a Earth's heat source, plant and animal needs, and the importance of taking care of our Earth. In our May Math Calendar, the children are exploring the topic of measurement using time. Yesterday the kids made our math calendar pieces and put them in the following pattern: things that happen in the morning, in the afternoon, and evening. They also learned beginning time telling concepts like what makes up a clock and how to make a clock tell time to the hour. The month of May is also a fitness month at SCS. Today and yesterday, I gave the children pedometers and we walked the track at Choice Time. They loved seeing those numbers on those pedometers get bigger! Throughout this month, we will be going outside to move as a class. It would benefit the kids if they started to wear sneakers on a daily basis as walking and class community building games outside will be a huge part of our extra fitness activities.