September 14, 2012

Our class has been talking about how cool it is to be unique. The students listened to a story called Elmer by David McKee. This book is about an elephant who is very happy being unique. The children discussed how they are each unique and special by partnering up with "Eye to Eye, Knee to Knee" bodies. They also shared connections that they had with their partners. Then they set to work making their own personal unique Elmer to take home. ENJOY!

Mira and Kareem are Totally Terrific

The students are doing a great job getting to know each other. During our "totally terrific" name writes, most students are choosing to first practice the names on writing grid boards together during our whole group instruction time. I am also seeing many children making connections to others' shares and children are seeking out new friends to talk with based on new facts they are learning about one another. They are making connections!

September 11, 2012

Special Visitors

Our Journey team was very lucky to receive a special visit from 24 Japanese college exchange students from Saint Michael's College today. These visitors sat with the kids in small groups and showed them how to write their names in Japanese and how to make special warrior hats. Before they left, we sang songs together and we ended by teaching them one of our classroom favorite songs called the Months of the Year Line Dance.

Creepy Crawly Spiders

Today was our first Hands On Nature lesson. The children learned about different spiders through a puppet show, about the parts of a spider by dressing me up like one, and a scavenger hunt to find different types of spider webs.